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When Should You Throw Out Your Make Up...When Does Make Up Expire?

Posted on 21 April 2016

a kind make up tip.

When Does Make Up Expire

Chances are you added icky make up to your face this morning!

So here is your definitive guide on when you should throw your make up out. Plus some handy links if you need to replace your make up with organic natural free yet gorgeous make up.

Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner

3 Months [buy a new one here]

Powders  Blush, bronzer & shadows - 

2 Years [buy here]

Cream Shadows

12 - 18 months [buy here]

12 Months [buy here]


12 Months [buy here]


12 Months [buy here]

Lip Gloss

18 Months [buy here]

Now I am all for sustainable living, it is something I am passionate about. But I also know that humans will only live sustainably if they can live comfortably.

So how do I live sustainably & not have icky make up?

1. I have a five minute make up routine that uses minimal products. Not suitable for all make up lovers I know! But I am a self confessed Make Up Lover & I can do it after years of practice...and I wear make up 363 days a year.

2. I recycle all packaging, including empty bottles, lipstick tubes, even make up brushes.

3. I only use make up that is 100% cruelty free, made sustainably & is long lasting

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