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3 Autumn Make Up Trends 2016 with a Twist & How To Wear Them.

Posted on 06 May 2016

3 Autumn Make Up Trends 2016



The beginning of a new season brings with it a new list of the hottest make up trends. The make up trends for Autumn 2016 are filled with trends inspired by the runways of the latest fashion season.

These trends are fantastic if you are a model or make up artist but what about the everyday wearer, the stay at home mum, the working mum, the working girl, us women that want to incorporate the latest make up trends but don't want to look ridiculous [glitter trend we are looking at you].

Here are our top 3 Autumn Make Up Trends for 2016 & how you can incorporate the looks into your everyday life...and of course all make up suggestions are cruelty free, organic & natural make up suggestions.



Warm Glowing Skin

Glowing skin starts with the base. 

Always apply make up to clean & well nourished skin. 

Cleanse with a gentle cleaners like the Acure Organics Face Cleansing Gel. 

Add a gorgeous Face Serum to nourish the skin like the Acure Organics Face Serum.

Now that your skin is clean & nourished it is time to add a little extra glow.

Start with a beautiful nourishing creamy liquid foundation like the Oat Milk Foundation by Ere Perez. For flawless foundation use a foundation buffing brush like the Ere Perez Foundation & Buffing Brush .

The final step for warm glowing skin. Highlighter. Opt for a natural cream highlighter like the Ere Perez Natural Cream Face Highlighter in Falling Star. It is naturally made using vanilla so you will smell like vanilla all day.

To apply highlighter use your finger or a small brush. Apply the highlighter to areas of the face that the sun naturally hits. There are four key areas;

1. Upper cheeks

2. Under the eyebrows

3. Down the top of the nose

4. Above your lip directly under your nose


The Warm Smokey Eye

The warm smokey eye is all about the eyeshadow, the blend & the brow.

Start with taming your eyebrows. Using a clear brow gel, softly swipe upwards until your brows look groomed.

Using a muted brown eyeshadow palette add the darkest shade to the base. Apply the lighter shade over the darkest shade, going all the way to under the brow.

The warm smokey eye is all about the blend. Blend, blend & more blending. The best way to achieve this look is to use a fabulous eyeshadow brush & blend away.

Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler that doesn't ripped your lashes out. 

Add lashings of mascara.


The 90's Pout

The 90's pout is all about colour on the lips. Think deep plums & dark pinks.  Another Make Up Trend for Autumn 2016 is balmy lips. Think matte balm on bare lips paired with the warm smokey eye.

Over to You...

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