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New! Vegan Dental Floss, the Natural Dental Floss Alternative.

Posted on 12 October 2018


The Dr Tung's Vegan dental floss expands into your interdental spaces for super cleaning. This natural dental floss is great for braces and wider spaces. The vegan floss uses activated charcoal as a natural oral care alternative.

The super popular eco dental brand Dr Tung's became famous for his Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner, now after customer demand Dr Tung's has released their version of vegan floss, available here in Australia.


Need it in your life?? Buy the Dr Tungs Vegan Floss Here

All About the Dr Tungs Vegan Dental Floss

  • Activated Charcoal - enhances cleansing and helps adsorb plaque and bacteria
  • Removes more plaque - expands like Smart Floss®
  • Proprietary VEGAN natural plant wax coating
  • Incredible flavor burst from lemongrass oil
  • Recyclable paperboard eco-friendly container
  • Non-GMO and never tested on animals

Vegan Dental Floss Ingredients

Expanding Floss with Activated Charcoal (Coconut), Lemongrass Oil, Natural Licorice Aroma, Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Extract, Proprietary Vegetable Wax Blend n


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