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Plastic Free Beauty - Brands How to Live a Plastic Free Life

Posted on 12 July 2017

Ditch the Plastic Beauty Packaging  + Switch for Sustainable Alternatives

When you wander through the beauty aisles it is very hard to find non plastic beauty packaging, even Green + Natural Beauty Brands still use plastic to package there products. But we have found a couple that if you wanted to make a small switch to plastic free beauty, you could give these guys a try.

Quick Tips

  • Tap jars in the beauty aisle - look for glass packaging 
  • Buying a scrub, make sure the microbeads are not plastic
  • Look for packaging that is made from recycled packaging

Badger Balms

Packaged in gorgeous tins, the Badger Balms are 100% Plastic Free Beauty. Look for their All Natural Sleep Balm, Hair Pomade and Aromatic Chest Rub.

Badger Sleep Balm   

Plastic Free Toothbrushes 

Ditch your plastic toothbrush and switch for a plastic free toothbrush. Plastic Free Toothbrushes are made from biodegradable and sustainable ingredients such as charcoal or bamboo.

We love the Keeko Charcoal Toothbrush, it is ever so eco chic plastic free toothbrush that is black. The Charcoal has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

We haven't forgotten about the littlest eco hearts, the Jack n Jill Toothbrushes are a plastic free toothbrush that is made from sustainable materials, even the packaging is recycled, plus they come in super cute designs such as Hippo, Bunny and Dinosaur.

Safix Coco Body + Foot Exfoliant Scrub Pad

Made from 100% Coconut Fibres the Safix Scrub Pad is 100% Biodegradable, ditch your scratchy plastic scrub for this luxurious all natural scrub pad. 

Organic Essence Natural Deodorant

Organic Essence Natural Deodorant is 100% Plastic Free, packaged in a unique cardboard roll on packaging. Available in lavender or fragrance free, this is one ditch and switch you should try.

Four Cow Farm Pohnpei Sponge

Ditch your plastic riddled and scratchy shower sponge for the Four Cow Pohnpei Sponge. Not only is it sustainably made, it is 100% Plastic Free and it comes in a cute 100% Plastic Free Box.


If this has inspired you, please head over to our Complete Plastic Free Living Guide, in this article we cover all areas of living from home to kitchen to cleaning. Read the guide here

We hope we have given you 1 or 2 ideas on how you can ditch + switch the plastic out of your world. Every little change matters!

If you switch and ditch we would love you to share your Switch + Ditch on our Instagram page, simply tag @thekindstore. We giveaway a $25 gift voucher each month which you can put towards making even more plastic free changes.

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