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The Kind Store Eco Emporium

The Kind Store is a unique stylish eco emporium for those who aspire to be green, care about style, love  hard to find cult brands & care about the world. 

It is a place for people that dream, desire & hope that one day world will be a kinder place. It is the place for kind connoisseurs.

What we love... Hunting for eco brands that make you say ' I can't believe that it is an green eco product'. Trust us, these products are out there! We know, because we find new ones daily!

What we don't love... We know that eco brands get a bad reputation for not being 'green.' You won't find any products or brands here that are not 100% truly Green Eco Products. 

What you will find...A world full of products with lush packaging [all eco], quality products [we test everything ourselves] & kind [rigorous screening by us]. We present a collection that will make you forget that you are buying 'green eco'. We  are going to immerse your world in goodies that are good for the world & do good things to your soul [because hey, when you do good, you feel good].

The Kind Store

Life, Styled Kind.

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