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With Kindness Giving Program


With Kindness Giving Program

The With Kindness Giving Program creates meaningful change through kindness. Being kind is a legacy, an ideology, a revolution. 


How the With Kindness Giving Program Works.


You need to buy it anyway so why not make your purchase a kind one.

With every purchase you buy The Kind Store gives the exact same item to a social impact organisation. For instance if you purchase feminine hygiene products, The Kind Store will send one to Share The Dignity also. Share The Dignity is an organisation that gives feminine hygiene products to homeless women.

What does carefully matched mean? The Kind Store links with social impact organisations that need the product specifically. 

In each product listing we tell you which social impact organisation we are sending the goodies too.


Which Social Impact Organisations do we Support? 


In the product description the Social Impact Organisation that we support will be listed. Once you purchase the product for yourself we will send the same amount of products purchased to that Social Impact Organisation.

As we develop the With Kindness Giving Program we hope to support more and more grassroots + small social impact organisations. It takes time to find small social impact organisations that match each product. Our mission is to create meaningful change one person at a time. This can only be acheived by support of small social impact grassroots organisations.

We love receiving tips from our #kindhearts, please use the Contact Us Page.

For a full list please visit the With Kindness Supports Page. 


With Kindness Pay It Forward Program

 Some of our customers have asked if they can buy a product to be sent to the social impact organisation as well as they one they buy for themselves. So we created the Pay It Forward program. 

If you would like to Pay It Forward - simply pop the item in your cart + in the comments section write pay it forward. That's it. We will send the item to the Social Impact Organisation for you.

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